Friday, February 15, 2013

the Cultural Trades Centre_Architecture with a Social Impact

Wall Section

CONSTRUCTION DETAILS_complete with title block

the Art Point_Architecture Infill in an Urban Context

Concept _ A Magnetic Point _ that draws people in like a node,
a force that gathers people for visual and physical interaction
then disperses them.

User group _ Artists

Program _ Performance Amphitheater, Studio Space, Exhibition Space, Artist's Loft

Building Science_Proposed Acoustic Control

Building Science_Proposed Lighting

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Me (as team leader) & my group members

on finishing the Replica Model of
The Esplanade, Theaters by the Bay, Singapore
& the Detail Models of the Mero System. 

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Replica Modeling Process_The Esplanade, Singapore

The mold for the surface structure constructed using corrugated box.

Surface Mero system_Bowl Nodes constructed by 
stuffing ear-buds into circular tubes cut into a specific size.

The bowl nodes are joined in a hexagonal configuration 
using the stems of the ear-buds.

The process is repeated until it fits the mold. 

The hexagonal bowl nodes are joined together in a single layer.

The layer is fit onto the mold.

The extra pieces are taken out so that the layer fits the edge of the mold.

The bowl node layer of the structure is completed.

The other layer of the Mero System, the ball node is constructed using 
beads with the stem of ear-buds.

The ball node is individually constructed & mass-produced

The ball node is connected to the bowl node, 
completing the entire layer of the surface structure
of the Esplanade.
Transparent sheets as glass panels are fixed in between 
the triangular shapes of the surface structure.

The aluminium panels are mass-produced from art cards.

The aluminium panels are fixed onto the surface structure
as a shading device.

The 'spikes' or aluminium panels of the Esplanade

The 'Y' column structure is cut from white modelling
hard boards.

The 'Y' structure in pieces.

A thin perspex is added in the interior to hold the structure up.

The Esplanade, Theaters by the Bay Replica Model

The Mero System_The Bowl Node structure in detail model 1:4
made of perspex, sprayed-on plasticine, circular tubes, modelling hard board 

The Mero System_The Ball Node structure in detail model 1:4
made of connectors, sprayed-on plasticine, circular tubes

Finished Model

Thursday, December 20, 2012

The Guardshed

In a group, we designed individual elements of the guardhouse and through 
the education of upcycling, we were to build-by-hand a guardshed using only
recycled materials, for a security guard at Taylor's University.

Foundation_tyres,concrete mix
Floor_timber joists, mesh flooring
Furniture(table)_timber pallets
Wall_plastic pallets_wooden box(planters)
Column_hollow steel section
Roof_truck canvas_mesh_box card

Photo courtesy of Benjamin Tan

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